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The world of fitness in all its forms: new gym machines, courses, exercises, programs, fashion that revolves around the world of fitness and hair care. According to worldwide research, new trends in the fitness area for the new year no longer include weights and machines, but rather squats, push-ups, planks, burpees and lifts. This certainly does not mean that losing weight and keeping fit will be easy. In fact, great care and attention will have to be dedicated to the execution of the various fitness exercises to ensure that they have affection. To explain what the expert is talking about, let's see what the fitness trends of 2015 will be. It is true that we will soon not be able to do without technology: if, in fact, until a decade ago, imagining fitness at home was almost impossible, now it is the trend that everyone reflects. Who wants to go to a gym after a busy day at work? Rain and cold or excessive heat, any temperature can distract from the thought of leaving the house. But that is no excuse. There are games like Fitocracy and social networks that allow you to comment online on player performance or challenge each other without knowing each other. There is still no shortage of mechanical video games and Ipad programs such as Bit Gym. In addition, many courses, including fitness courses, are now offered by the web. The world is increasingly digitized and learning takes place mainly online. After the fitness trends of spinning and cardio box, cardio tennis also arrives. For those looking for something challenging that keeps moving, the new way of making tennis on some courts could be a satisfying idea. Hiit stands for High Intensity Training Interval, the new exercise that allows you to lose weight in just 12 minutes. The effectiveness is given by the large amount of energy used and it is precisely for what hiit is not recommended for anyone. With the new Hiit trend, the boom for recovery activities such as yoga and semi-myofascial activities has also exploded. Yes, I am addressing precisely those who dared to experience this new form of fitness regardless of the contraindications. Thanks to you, brave enough to want to experiment again, in 2015 they will go to the big massage balls, foam rollers, ice baths and massages, so that it can re-establish you after intense physical activity and not throw your fitness plans to the air.

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